Vehicle Insurance Claim Procedure

A vehicle protection guarantee is an application for remuneration to the safety net provider relating to the terms of your protection strategy post a setback. A vehicle protection guarantee can be cashless case or repayment guarantee.

Step by step instructions to guarantee your vehicle protection strategy

Cases for possess harm: If your vehicle was engaged with a mishap, you ought to pursue these means to guarantee for harms:

Vehicle Insurance Claim Procedure

Educate the insurance agency – You ought to connect with the backup plan at the most punctual. Most guarantors pursue severe courses of events, as would be referenced in the approach documentation.

Document an FIR – Although it may not be obligatory for case settlements, it is prudent to hold up an FIR.

Assessment of the harm – Once the insurance agency has been advised, a review of your vehicle will be planned.

Guarantee settlement – After the study, your back up plan will investigate the case demand and send an endorsement to the carport.


Cases relating to outsider risk: If you are in charge of a mishap in which an outsider endures wounds or harm to property, here is the thing that you have to do:

Hotel an FIR – Following the mishap, possibly you or the outsider should hold up an FIR at the closest police headquarters. Keep a duplicate of the FIR for future reference too.

Offer arrangement report – You ought to obligatorily share a duplicate of your vehicle protection approach with the outsider.


Published on: 11/19/19, 9:39 PM